The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Makes Driving to the Supermarket a Blood-Pumping Experience

Most of the time SUVs are designed for the comfort of both the drivers and the passengers on a day-to-day basis. SUVs are some of the most popular models around and for drivers who want something that will also provide you with incredible performance there have not always been a ton of options and drivers have searched for something to get their blood pumping. Luckily, Alfa Romeo heard of those dreams and brought drivers the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio! Check out this incredible, track-proven, and performance happy SUV at Alfa Romeo FIAT of McKinney today.

When you are in the…

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See Offers on a New Alfa Romeo Stelvio in McKinney, TX.

An SUV is commonly characterized by its versatility, but the Alfa Romeo Stelvio adds another level of excitement. Infused with innovations from the racetrack, this is no ordinary model. Rather, it looks and performs like a sports car so you can get more from your travels around Texas. We are proud to provide this new Alfa Romeo vehicle to drivers around Lucas, Frisco, and surrounding areas for this reason. So, if you are interested in a more enjoyable experience, read on to learn more and follow-up with a drive at Alfa Romeo FIAT of McKinney today!

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> Experience the Thrills of Summer in a Brand-New Convertible, Here at Alfa Romeo FIAT of McKinney!

Summer is here, which means it's time for such festivities like outdoor barbecues, pool parties, festivals and all sorts of other fun activities. Why not get out there and experience it all in a brand-new Alfa Romeo or FIAT convertible? Our convertible models have a whole lot of speed and luxury to offer, given their brands, with the addition of a convertible top to help you feel the wind in your hair as you ride through the streets of Allen or Frisco, TX. 

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Explore Our Pre-Owned Inventory Near McKinney

There Are Numerous Advantages to Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

At our dealership, in the Plano area, we have a number of popular vehicles for competitive rates. If you’re trying to decide between a new and pre-owned model vehicle, there are numerous advantages to siding with a pre-owned one. Check out our short list below and let us know which reason most resonates with you!

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New FIAT 500 Expected to Deliver More Excitement in 2018

When it comes to zipping around from Lucas to Allen and beyond, all a driver really needs is the new FIAT 500. Fortunately, FIAT of McKinney has Texas car buyers covered. At our dealership, visitors from Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas can check out the latest lineup of our small cars. Do not be fooled! Despite their compact size, these vehicles deliver a spunky performance. This is especially true for the 2018 cycle which sees the addition of more power.


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Confidence Comes Naturally with the New 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The new 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a masterful work of automotive ingenuity. Infused with technologies bred on the racetrack, this luxury SUV is more than just captivating to see. It delivers a performance of a higher caliber! In other words, you can look forward to a more engaging experience every time you set foot inside....

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Four Things You Should Know About the New 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio


When the world's premier manufacturer of high-end sports cars debuts a new model, car enthusiasts everywhere stand up and take notice. This was the case here at FIAT of McKinney, where we're proud to be northern Texas drivers' home for stunning Alfa Romeo models, when the luxury carmaker recently released the brand-new, 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio.


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Tear Through the City in your FIAT 500X

Making itself at home in the City, the Fiat 500X is a perfect choice for someone looking for a vehicle that has ample space, as variety of features, and a traditional Italian styling. With an already distinctive look, your FIAT can be customized through a multitude of different color and trim options.

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