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Don Allen
General Manager

Out of the 28 years he's been involved, the people in the car business are what he favors most. Being a native Texan, he knows there are many beautiful places here in Texas, but he still insist his favorite place to go is Costa Rica. Although he favors foreign travels, his appetite stays at home, with his favorite being Filet Mignon & a baked potato. To finish up a meal like that, he either sticks with chocolates, or cookies & cream ice cream! When he's not at work, he's enjoying his time with his 2 kids, or hitting the driving range out on the golf course.

Enrique Garza
Inventory Manager

Five years in the car business has obviously rubbed off on Enrique, given the fact that he owns a 2006 Sierra, 2001 Camaro, and a 1988 Tercel.. Although he owns three vehicles, he still is working on getting a fourth. To be exact, he wants a 383 Stroker. Collecting cars isn't his only hobby, he enjoys trouble shooting ANYTHING. Watch out for this guy, he's known for picking things up with his feet, and throwing them!

Gary Willis
Parts Manager

This man's life revolves around cars. He's been in the business 8 years, and has loved every minute of it. When he isn't at work, he enjoys going to car shows & drag races. His car obsession doesn't stop there, he likes road trips, especially to Branson Missouri, or just staying at home and watching Fast and Furious. He currently drives a Ford Excurson, which helps in loading up the family to travel, but would gladly trade it for a 1969 428 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1 Mustang.

Mike Ozmun
Recon Manager

If you need to diagnose a difficult problem, this is the man to come to for help. He's enjoyed solving problems in the car business for over ten years now, and has remained mildly amusing the whole time he's been at it! He's not a very picky person, at least when it comes to food, but if you really want to know the truth, anything with chocolate & peanut butter will do the trick. He's had the chance to travel to The Dominican Republic, and now marks it as his favorite travel spot. If you can't tell by his dog's name, Princess Leia, the Star Wars movies are his favorite.  

Darrell Creswell
General Sales Manager

With 20 years in the car business, Darrell has found that helping people is what he finds most enjoyable. Although he's spent countless hours working alongside vehicles, he always makes sure to set aside some free time to spend with his grandkids. He is from Graham, TX, but his roots go back to Scotland, which explains why he loved visiting there so much! Rocky Road ice cream, sunflower seeds, and steak & potatoes are the way to getting on his good side!

Mark Bailey
Service Manager

25 years and running, Mark has enjoyed his experience, not only in the car business, but also working with people. He is from Plano, TX, but when given the chance, loves to head to Lake Texoma to get some fishing in! Although he drives a 1997 big red truck, he wishes he could drive a NEW big red truck.. He can't decide if his favorite food is BBQ or Mexican, but definitely has chosen Butterfinger as his favorite candy.

SuRin Campbell
Internet Director

SuRin has enjoyed the 5 years of experience she's had in the car business  by being able to interact with other people. She was born in Korea, and has lived overseas most of her life, especially because of her military background. She's fond of exploring, since her favorite hobby is hiking. Although she's had the chance to go many places, she favored Izmir, Turkey the most. When she's not working, or hiking, you can find her eating coffee ice cream, watching Thank You for Smoking with her dog, Reptaur.

Letricia Compean
Office Manager

Being around all the different kinds of makes & models of cars has rubbed off on Letricia the past 10 years, maybe that's why her dream vehicle is a Rolls Royce, but as for right now, she'll settle for her 2015 Kia Optima.. She can multitask like a champ, balancing multiple situations with professional ease. Although she's a Texas girl, she loved visiting LA. When she isn't crunching numbers, she's hanging out with her dog, Monroe, or watching The Greenmile with some Butter Pecan ice cream. 



Adilene Martinez

Adilene has enjoyed learning all about different cars the two years she has been in the business. Although she is from Anaheim, CA, she is a southern girl at heart.. that's why she enjoys visiting Louisiana, and eating Cajun food so much! The perfect way to finish off her favorite meal, would have to be eating few scoops of butter pecan ice cream, and watching The Notebook.

Hannah Webb
Warranty Administrator

Since Hannah is new to the car business, her favorite thing about it is learning about all the different vehicles. She was born and raised in Texas, and her appetite shows it, with BBQ, green beans, and a sweet potato being her favorite meal. Although she drives a Mazda 3, her preferred car would be one with free gas. Even though her gas isn't free, she enjoys traveling, especially to Savannah, Georgia. Finishing a long day with pumpkin ice cream, and Pride & Prejudice would be ideal for her. If you ever need help with a word search, or recognizing a cologne smell, she's the girl to ask!

Haleigh Oliver
Executive Assistant

Although Haleigh is new to the car business, she knows exactly what she wants when it comes to her dream car (or should I say cars). Although she's driving a Mazda 3 right now, she would gladly trade it in for either a Mercedes, or Range Rover. If you want to make this girl happy, just bring her skittles, strawberry ice cream, or a chimichanga with rice. She's all work, but maybe if you catch her on a break, you could ask her to prove that she can do 20 backflips in a row. 



Bobby Busby
Internet Sales Manager

Bobby has enjoyed seeing the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each vehicle for the past six years he's been in the car business. When he isn't working on putting people in their dream vehicles, you can find him on a golf course. Although he's from Dallas, TX, he has a special place for Cancun, Mexico. It's easy to get on his good side.. all you have to do is show up with some Starburst, or Cherry Garcia ice cream. If you don't believe us, just ask for yourself because not only does he know 4 different languages, but he can juggle 7 glass bottles at one time!  

Chris Motherwell

Being able to put people in the cars they're excited about is what has made Chris' past 8 months in the car business enjoyable. Car sales isn't his only talent, he has a knack for cooking! In fact, his favorite thing to do outside of work is having a BBQ & hanging out with his family.. He currently drives a Toyota FJ Cruiser, but would happily trade it for a Ford 201 Raptor.

Frank Ivens

Frank has spent 12 years in the car business enjoying the people, and having the chance to see them purchase their dream cars. He's travelled a bit, but has to say that while he was in the Army, Germany was his favorite. When he isn't at work, he likes to landscape! A few of his favorite things are chocolate ice cream, ALL the Avengers movies, Skittles, and Italian food.

Angel Ochoa

It makes sense that Angel's favorite movie is Fast & Furious, since he's been working in the car business for 3 years. His dream vehicle is a Nissan GT-R, although he drives a Silverado now. Whenever he isn't working, you'll find him playing soccer, or ps4. Originally from Mexico, Angel now resides in McKinney, TX. He might sound like a serene person, but don't get him wrong, he's been to Vegas 5 times, and is notorious for being able to hold a hand stand for 4 minutes.

Matthew Williams

Matthew has been in the car business 3 years now, and enjoys going on test drives the most. Although he is from India, California happens to be his favorite place to visit. You'd find him eating kabobs and kit-kats, while watching Harold & Kumar go to White Castle whenever he isn't busy playing with his dogs. If you really want to be impressed, give this guy a rubix cube, and watch as he solves it in under 1 minute!

Chris Argo

Chris has 3 years of experience in the car business, and he enjoys having the opportunity to work with car buyers. Now driving a Ford Explorer, he wishes he can once again drive his all-time favorite car, a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS. Cars aren't his only passion, he also likes shooting guns, and traveling. His favorite place he's visited so far is Northern Italy. If you really want to get on his good side, bring him Pistachio Almond ice cream, Sweetarts, or Cheese Enchilada's.

Kyle Schreiber

Coming all the way from beautiful Houston, TX, Kyle has been working here in the car business for 5 years now. He was raised around gear heads, so he enjoys being able to come to work everyday, and be around something his family has deep roots in. Driving a 2011 VW GTI now, he wishes he could be in a 2006 Ford GT instead. Cars aren't the only thing he drives.. on his free time he loves riding dirt bikes with his son. Having the talent of being able to take anything apart, put it back together, and making it work, is definitely a benefit since he is around automobiles all the time!



Daniel Frisella

Daniel has enjoyed having the chance to work with his hands for the past 4 years. He drives a 2012 Ford GT, but wouldn't hesitate to switch it for a Dodge Viper. His favorite movie is fitting, given his occupation, and personal vehicle.. Gone in 60 Seconds, and trust us, we've seen him 'gone' in quicker than 60.. When he isn't at work, his idea of a good time is enjoying his mama's cooking, and finishing it off with any kind of ice cream.

Randeep Bains

The challenge of thinking outside of the box has been Randeep's favorite part of working on used cars for the past 6 years. You can tell that he genuinely enjoys his job because when he isn't working on cars, he's out driving them on his free time. Although he's from the great state of Texas, he says that Canada is the best place he's had the chance to travel to. Not only does he like cookies & cream ice cream, but also the cookies & cream Hershey's bar. Why fix something that isn't broken? And if it is broken, bring it to him.. We're sure he can fix it.

Dane Syme
Service Advisor

Being in the car business 4 years now, Dane's favorite thing so far is the experience of being around vehicles every day, rather than reading about them in a magazine. Speaking of reading, that's one of his favorite things to do, along with driving, watching movies, golfing, shooting, and most importantly, hockey. Actually, his favorite place that he's visited is Lake Placid, NY while he was there for a hockey tournament.. Although he drives a BMW M235, he can't say that it's his favorite car. In truth, he can't say he has a favorite car.. To have a favorite car he'd have to have one mood, one constant emotion, which would be unreasonable. He has at least 5 moods.. but always has fantastic hair, nonetheless.

David Spivey

David has been solving problems in the car business for 5 years  now. He's not a very picky person, saying that his dream car would be anything with 4 wheels! Traveling is his favorite, especially to Florida, so as long as it rolls, and can get him from point A to B, he's happy. For David, a shrimp basket, finished off with cookies & cream ice cream sounds like a perfect plan to end a long day. 

Michael (Gary) Davis

With 30 years in the car business, this man knows what he's doing. He loves having the opportunity to work with his hands, and the challenges he faces daily to fix things. Although he drives a Dodge truck, and a Honda accord, he would trade them both in a heart beat for a 65 Mustang V8 Manual. When he isn't at work, he enjoys hunting & fishing in the great outdoors.. His appetite shows that he's an early riser, with his favorite meal being eggs, bacon, sausage biscuits with gravy, pancakes, and waffles!

Milan Milani

Milan has enjoyed learning new things everyday from the past 6 years he's spent in the car business. When he isn't at work, he likes flying his Drone on his free time! His favorite trip so far was from his home, in Allen, TX, to Italy.. He prefers rice & kabobs, a kit kat, and coffee ice cream over anything else!



Tyler Mitchell
Finance Director

Tyler has enjoyed being able to watch people walk out of his office, and being able to tell how accomplished the customers feel after purchasing their vehicle. "It never gets old putting dreams in driveways"... He enjoys playing sports, especially golf. Speaking of sports, his favorite movie is The Rookie. Although he's from Paris, TX, he's not afraid to say that his favorite vacation spots are anywhere with a beach. Give him some chocolate, or a starburst, and he'll be one happy camper.