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There Are Numerous Advantages to Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

At our dealership, in the Plano area, we have a number of popular vehicles for competitive rates. If you’re trying to decide between a new and pre-owned model vehicle, there are numerous advantages to siding with a pre-owned one. Check out our short list below and let us know which reason most resonates with you!

Five Advantages of Siding with a Pre-Owned Vehicle

  • Lower Price Point: It doesn’t matter if you’re from Lucas TX, Allen or beyond, everyone loves saving money. A used vehicle tends to be cheaper than its new model counterpart, which means that you are experiencing instant savings when you buy.
  • Fewer Hidden Fees: A new vehicle tends to have several hidden fees associated with it, like a finance charge or documentation fee, a used vehicle doesn’t have the same!
  • More Buying Options: Since a used vehicle is cheaper than a new model vehicle, this means that more vehicles fall within your price range. That once unattainable trim level can be affordable if you decide to buy it used instead of new.
  • Lower Depreciation Rate: When you drive a new vehicle off the lot, it loses a significant amount of value. Since a used vehicle has already undergone this value reduction with its previous owner, you get to protect your investment!
  • Less Expensive Registration Rate: The rules vary from state to state, so if you’re from the Frisco area be sure to check, but most states judge your registration fee based on the value of your vehicle. Since a used vehicle is cheaper than a new model vehicle, you will have a lower yearly registration rate!