The 2019 Alfa Romeo 4C vs. Porsche 718 in McKinney TX


The 2019 Alfa Romeo 4C vs. 2019 The Porsche 718 in McKinney, TX

The luxury sports car arena is a tightly contested race full of worthy contenders for the title of the best on the road. While there is a lot of room for debate and relativity, it quickly becomes clear that the 2019 Alfa Romeo 4C has been built to stand out from its competitors. With a fresh and progressive design, stellar handling and acceleration, the Alfa Romeo 4C hold up as a tremendous option to take a joy ride on the roads of Lucas TX, Allen, or Plano.

When it comes to determining the best luxury sports car, it's all about excelling in the finer details. When you get down to what most might consider irrelevant, it's the little minutiae that end up having a tremendous effect on how the Alfa Romeo 4C feels.

For comparison's sake, it's best to put the Alfa Romeo 4C against one of its stiffest competitors, the 2019 Porsche 718 lineup. The Porsche 718 lineup consists of both the Boxster convertible and the hard top Cayman but are otherwise primarily the same vehicle.

Performance & Capability

The Alfa Romeo 4C might appear like an underdog on the surface but look closer and it has numerous sneaky advantages over the Porsche 718. It all starts under the hood with the 4C's standard 1.7-liter intercooled turbocharged premium I-4 engine. The immediate thing that Frisco drivers should take note of is the fact that the Alfa Romeo 4C has a better fuel economy than the Porsche 718. It clock in at 24 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway versus Porsche's respective 21 mpg and 28 mpg numbers.

What's also notable is that the Alfa Romeo 4C also clock a better zero to 60 time than both of Porsche's 718 models. You can expect to hit 4.1 seconds in the 4C compared to 4.4 in the 718. It is possible for Porsche to beat this number; however, it requires the purchase of an additional and expensive Sport Chrono Package. And even if for some reason, you do purchase it, you won't even beat the Alfa Romeo 4C by much.

The Little Details

Another thing to notice about the Alfa Romeo 4C is just how sly its engineers were in crafting the body for superior handling. A couple of statistics about the 4C paint a broad picture about why it feels so much better to drive. It starts with the shorter wheelbase, which checks in at 93.7 inches compared to Porsches' 97.4 inches. Next is the height at 46.4 inches versus Porsche's 50.4 inches, and the overall length of 157 inches compared to the 718's 172.4 inches. These figures are important because they create a more aerodynamic compact design that responds much better to changes in direction.

The sacrifice in length has been redirected to a larger width of 73.5 inches compared to the Porsche's 70.9 inches. The 4C's wider stance allows the vehicle to grip the road with greater confidence, giving its driver superior handling. The 4C also weighs in at a lighter load that is almost 500 pounds lighter than the Porsche 718, also adding to the 4C's superior handling.

Available & Standard Options

The Alfa Romeo 4C gives drivers more flexibility in terms of its options as well. Porsche made the odd decision to hold off on supplying a Targa top with your purchase, choosing instead to have its customers purchase it as an accessory. Alfa Romeo, on the other hand provides all of its 4C buyers with one without a problem. Additionally, you'll have access to smart phone integration as a standard feature while the Porsche 718 neglects it entirely.

When you break down the finer details, it's clear that the Alfa Romeo 4C holds an advantage over the Porsche 718. We invite all our loyal customers to come in and test drive the 2019 Alfa Romeo 4C today and experience the difference for themselves.

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