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Darrell Creswell
General Manager

With 20 years in the car business, Darrell has found that helping people is what he finds most enjoyable. Although he's spent countless hours working alongside vehicles, he always makes sure to set aside some free time to spend with his grandkids. He is from Graham, TX, but his roots go back to Scotland, which explains why he loved visiting there so much! Rocky Road ice cream, sunflower seeds, and steak & potatoes are the way to getting on his good side!

Enrique Garza
Inventory Manager

Five years in the car business has obviously rubbed off on Enrique, given the fact that he owns a 2006 Sierra, 2001 Camaro, and a 1988 Tercel.. Although he owns three vehicles, he still is working on getting a fourth. To be exact, he wants a 383 Stroker. Collecting cars isn't his only hobby, he enjoys trouble shooting ANYTHING. Watch out for this guy, he's known for picking things up with his feet, and throwing them!

SuRin Campbell
Internet Director

SuRin has enjoyed the 5 years of experience she's had in the car business  by being able to interact with other people. She was born in Korea, and has lived overseas most of her life, especially because of her military background. She's fond of exploring, since her favorite hobby is hiking. Although she's had the chance to go many places, she favored Izmir, Turkey the most. When she's not working, or hiking, you can find her eating coffee ice cream, watching Thank You for Smoking with her dog, Reptaur.



Beth LaCaze

With having over 30 years of experience in the car business, Beth has found that meeting other people is what she enjoys the most. When she isn't at the office, you can find her jamming to some rock music, or watching the Wizard of Oz (the original, of course). She's from Pittsburgh, PA & South Charleston, WV, and now she's here in Texas! But out of all the places she's been, Clearwater Beach, FL is by far her favorite! If there is one way to win her over, it's with a dark chocolate reeses, or a slice of pizza. If you ever find yourself in need of a little competition, she shoots a mad game of pool!

Hannah Webb
Warranty Administrator

Since Hannah is new to the car business, her favorite thing about it is learning about all the different vehicles. She was born and raised in Texas, and her appetite shows it, with BBQ, green beans, and a sweet potato being her favorite meal. Although she drives a Mazda 3, her preferred car would be one with free gas. Even though her gas isn't free, she enjoys traveling, especially to Savannah, Georgia. Finishing a long day with pumpkin ice cream, and Pride & Prejudice would be ideal for her. If you ever need help with a word search, or recognizing a cologne smell, she's the girl to ask!

Haleigh Oliver
Executive Assistant

Although Haleigh is new to the car business, she knows exactly what she wants when it comes to her dream car (or should I say cars). Although she's driving a Mazda 3 right now, she would gladly trade it in for either a Mercedes, or Range Rover. If you want to make this girl happy, just bring her skittles, strawberry ice cream, or a chimichanga with rice. She's all work, but maybe if you catch her on a break, you could ask her to prove that she can do 20 backflips in a row. 



Dakota Mitchell

Dakota is new to the car business, but is quick to say that he enjoys learning all about different brands of cars, driving, and being surrounded by luxury vehicles all the time. His appetite goes hand in hand with our new vehicles offered here at Alfa Romeo FIAT, being Italian food! Although his favorite past time is working out, he gladly can put down some vanilla blue bell ice cream, and chocolate Kit-Kats, or Twix to finish off a day at work.   

Michael Haskins

Being in the car business for over 10 years has provided many opportunities for Michael to learn about, and enjoy being around all different kinds of vehicles, but regardless of the cars themselves, he likes all the people he has the chance to meet. When he isn't at work, he is most likely outside playing baseball, or golf. If it's a rainy day, and neither of those are an option, then he is laid back watching Scarface eating a big 'ole tub of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. He has four dogs, Gypsy, Teenie, Skyler, and Diesel, and has taught them all to roll over at the same time!



David Hayes

David has enjoyed working on cars for the past 20 years in the service department. He loves listening to music not only when he's working but all the time! He even burns his own CD's to make sure he has his playlist on hand. He loves his home state of Texas, but can't help but say California is his favorite place he has visited! If you really need to be on his good side, all you have to do is show up with a snickers, and a strawberry Fanta, and you are good to go.

Daniel Frisella

Daniel has enjoyed having the chance to work with his hands for the past 4 years. He drives a 2012 Ford GT, but wouldn't hesitate to switch it for a Dodge Viper. His favorite movie is fitting, given his occupation, and personal vehicle.. Gone in 60 Seconds, and trust us, we've seen him 'gone' in quicker than 60.. When he isn't at work, his idea of a good time is enjoying his mama's cooking, and finishing it off with any kind of ice cream.

Michael (Gary) Davis

With 30 years in the car business, this man knows what he's doing. He loves having the opportunity to work with his hands, and the challenges he faces daily to fix things. Although he drives a Dodge truck, and a Honda accord, he would trade them both in a heart beat for a 65 Mustang V8 Manual. When he isn't at work, he enjoys hunting & fishing in the great outdoors.. His appetite shows that he's an early riser, with his favorite meal being eggs, bacon, sausage biscuits with gravy, pancakes, and waffles!

Megan Knight
Warranty Administrator

This is Megan's second year in the car business, but she has enjoyed every minute so far! This girl's sweet tooth is as sweet as her attitude, with mint chocolate chip ice cream, and skittles (except green apple) being her favorite. She is always down to watch some Star Wars, or try out new restaurants. Her favorite meal would have to be Thanksgiving dinner! All the turkey & dressing just warms the soul.